ERP Solution

A cloud system that contains business and strategic operations management tools which contribute to the effective linking of all the information of the facility and its departments in a comprehensive and interconnected information system that can be accessed by all members of the facility.
This system simplifies tasks, works and quick reporting,
which increases the effectiveness and productivity of
work and maintains success in the world of competing

BPM Solution

Business Process Management is a holistic management method centered on placing all aspects of the organization in line with the desires and needs of customers. It is an approach that promotes efficiency and effectiveness, while at the same time striving for innovation, flexibility and connectivity with technology. Business process management is constantly trying to improve procedures

CRM Solutions

CRM is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. This approach analyzes customer history data with the company in order to improve the best business relationships with customers, with a special focus on customer retention, in order to drive sales growth.

DMS Solutions

Electronic document management system is the digital and central archiving of all incurring documents. In addition to revision-proof archiving, documents are also managed, starting from their creation. Thus, a professional DMS with individual workflows and corresponding rights management supports the efficient design of company processes. A document management solution accompanies the entire lifecycle of a document: Beginning with the creation and capture, through distribution and processing, to archiving or deletion.