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EJAD marketing and business development help organizations grow in various stages and innovate new services that support their entry into markets through a package of administrative, digital, and technical products.

The Target

To be a leading Saudi company in the field of establishing electronic systems and platforms


Contribute to the development of our clients' business by providing a range of marketing services, software solutions and technical advice

What do we offer?

Our Services

We contribute to the development of our clients' business by providing a range of administrative, marketing and programming services

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Professional design

Our work is not just designing a logo and identification but rather a strategic process aimed at establishing an exclusive and distinguished presence in the market

Software solutions

We develop integrated software solutions for all sectors to support them in developing and facilitating their services (applications – platforms and websites – internal systems)

ERP system

A system for managing and planning the work environment in the facilities and automating the daily work smoothly through a wide variety of applications that serve all departments of the facility to increase productivity.

E. stores

We provide you with the finest, well-coordinated and wonderful stores, providing you with services that satisfy your needs

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